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Kids in Karts

What is KIKS?


The Jersey Kart and Motor Club runs a training scheme which it calls “KIKS - Kids In Karts”, this scheme is run by Motorsport UK qualified ARKS Examiners.

Having received some generous funding from the Sir James Knott Trust, the Club took the opportunity to purchase some junior training karts with a view to growing the sport within the Island by getting more youngsters involved.

The scheme is currently open to youngsters between the ages of 6 to 16 years of age.

How to start


Before your child can start, it is advised you contact the Club to discuss what is involved when starting karting.

We may suggest you visit us at the track during a race day first to ask questions of the drivers, officials and committee members you meet and potentially race with in the future.

If you wish to continue and enrol your child into the KIKS scheme, confirm your wishes by email and we will be in touch to arrange dates for your sessions. You must purchase a "Motorsport UK Karting Starter Pack (ARKS)" from Motorsport UK's website (available at which you must be in possession of prior to your KIKS session date.

This starter pack contains a Novice licence application form which includes the cost of the first licence and the cost of an Entrant PG licence, (which is required of any parent whose child is under the age of 18 when competing within UK National Karting events), a booklet introducing you to the world of karting and outlines the next steps to obtaining your first competition licence, links to the digital yearbook and educational films, an exclusive keyring (contents are subject to change).

Once you receive your ARKS pack you will need to apply for your Motorsport UK PG licence and a Club Membership (this form is available from the Club website).

Once you have completed the above steps, contact the club at to discuss an available training date, complete all remaining paperwork, arrange payment of fees and to arrange fitting of equipment for your child.

What will happen on the day?


You will be expected to arrive promptly at the track at the time arranged, if you are late your child may be excluded from driving on the day.

Bring your 'ARKS' pack and all other outstanding paperwork, it is essential, without these your child will not be able to drive.

On arrival at the circuit, make your way down the pit lane to the K.I.K’s trailer (please do not hesitate to ask other club members for directions if you cannot locate it). Here you will meet the ARKS examiner and K.I.K’s staff who will be running the scheme that day, they will ensure that you and your driver are signed on, the driver is suited & booted and run through everything the driver needs to know before stepping onto the track.

Driver training is a modular process, run under the guidance of the ARKS examiners. Before any driver takes to the track in a Kart they will be taken on a track walk with the examiner.


The next step will be familiarisation of kart controls, this will involve short periods of time driving on a designated part of the track. Depending on driver ability and confidence this will be increased in size throughout your training period as the examiner sees fit, it may take more than one session to complete a full circuit.

The kart club has allocated time throughout its race day for ARKS (K.I.K.S) training to take place but the ARKS examiners have the final say when it comes to weather conditions as to whether or not your child will be able to drive on the day. Bearing this in mind we hope your child has a wonderful experience and look forward to seeing you in the future.

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