How To Start?


The Kart Club runs several MSA regulated race classes.

These are age and weight dependent. The minimum age to start Karting is 6, there is no maximum age.................

A full list of the classes run by the Club can be found HERE.


Here are 4 easy steps to start Karting in Jersey:

1 Come Visit us at the Loop Road or Contact Us:
  • Please come visit us on a Race Day at the Loop Road. Come meet our members and ask them your questions, they will be happy to give some advice.

  • If you are interested in starting Karting, discuss your options with our members, they will point you in the right direction.

  • If you have a son or daughter who is interested in Karting please ask about the Clubs 'KIKs' scheme.

2 Obtain your ARKS pack and get your licence:
  • Before you can begin a racing career you must obtain a 'Race Licence'. As our Club is affiliated to the MSA, its rules and regulations this process begins by buying an ARKS pack either through the Club or via the MSA website (Bambino driver excluded). The ARKS pack contains the current MSA Rules & Regulations, a Licence Application Form (this must be signed-off by the ARKS Examiner) and a training DVD which explains the rules of Karting and the standards expected by drivers and officials.

  • Everyone must complete ARKS test before they are able to compete in any racing. These tests are available to do on race weekends but must be arranged in advance with the ARKS examiner. (Bambino drivers follow a different training regime).

  • You must also become a member of a recognised 'MSA certified' racing club. If you intend to race in Jersey we would suggest you join our club, we offer a variety of membership schemes to suit peoples differing needs. (View the application form to see which membership type suits you best (Under Forms in the 'About Us' Menu)).

3 Purchase Your Kart and Equipment:​
  • Before purchasing any equipment please ask for advise, purchasing the wrong equipment could be very costly.

  • Kart choice will vary depending on your budget and which class you wish to race in.

  • You will need an MSA Certified Kart Racing Helmet, Junior drivers must use the lightweight varient of helmets.

  • Full Body (1 Piece) MSA Certified Kart Suit, Boots and Gloves

  • Spare Tyres and kart parts are a must in case you need to make repairs on a race day.

  • A selection of suitable tools, a full list can be found HERE

4 Racing:
  • Once you have passed your ARKS test you will need to send off your completed licence application form which will enable you to enter as a race competitor on race days.

  • To Race, fill out a Race Entry Form and send it with the appropriate fees to the Clubs Race Secretary 15 days prior to the event you wish to enter (Available on line).

  • Your first 6 race events: During the heats you will start the race at the rear of the grid until your licence has been fully signed off.

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